Elite Equine Super Foods

A super food is a substance you give to a horse  in minute amounts. You give an ounce or two to a 1,000-1,500-2,000 pound horse for say, a month. It’s important to grasp the proportions here.
And those little daily doses do things on the inside of the horse to such an extent, that things begin to show on the outside of the horse--like keener attention, smoother muscle, calmer energy, better attitude, glossier hair coat, even harder hooves.

Time goes by, the changes accumulate and deepen until at some point you realize, you have a new animal.

“I am truly excited and impressed with the results I and my clients have experienced with the introduction of SeaBuck to the feeding program. From foals, to horses in training and competition, I have seen significant results to the overall health of these horses. They look better, feel better and perform better. There is a ton of research behind this product so perhaps I should not be so surprised with the results I am seeing.” Douglas Beebee, DVM

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The underlying cause of most disease and injury is nutritional deficit.  When you take that out of the equation, the horse moves into another realm. It doesn’t happen over night because it happens deeply and naturally, but it does happen.

The choice is simple: invest your resources in developing and enjoying the horse or you can take your chances and spend your time and money treating the diseases and injuries one by one as they strike.

The open secret here is that prevention through super foods and whole horse nurture is far superior to medication and standard management.

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What if there was a way to build the horse on the inside so that he or she would give you steadily improving performance? And all of this without breaking the bank or hurting the horse in the long run.

These demands can be met safely and synergistically through nutritional programs custom-designed for the rigors of each discipline.

This is the plain truth of super food nutrition. Give it a try and you’ll see why it's becoming the secret weapon in barns all over.